Recruit ONE for Leadership New York

June 2010

Information Session Leadership New York recruit ONE to join the Coro community

recruit ONE to join the Coro community

In a city as complex as New York, it isn't just our mayors and chief executives who shape our future. Coro New York Leadership Center, the city's premier leadership training program, is actively recruiting participants for Leadership New York, a 9-month program for engaged and talented professionals interested in learning more about how the city works so they can make it better. Recruit ONE person you know who demonstrates enthusiasm, commitment to their community and New York City and a desire to develop their leadership capacity.

Applications are due by Friday, July 2nd.

Leadership New York

brings together mid-career professionals from across non-profit, public and private sectors to explore critical issues facing New York City, develop new ways to lead change in their communities and organizations, and join a leadership community of nearly 2,000 alumni who are shaping the future of the city.

Ideal candidates have the following characteristics:

LEADERSHIP: A required minimum of five years of professional experience. We believe that meaningful change and leadership comes from those in business and communities, schools and unions, government and advocacy groups – not all with formal titles – who have the ideas and the conviction to do more.

COMMITMENT: A commitment to New York City demonstrated by work, interest, or volunteer activities that goes beyond good citizenship, as well as commitment to meet the time requirements of the program.

ENTHUSIASM: Leadership New York seeks candidates who embrace the challenges confronting the city with excitement and a sense of responsibility.

DIVERSITY: We strive to reflect in our programs the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds of the people living and working in New York City.

Please contact Aditi Chakravarty, Recruitment & Outreach Manager, at 212-248-2935 x303 or with any questions.

Information Session


Come meet Coro alumni and learn more about Leadership New York!

 Thursday, June 10, 6:30-8:00 PM

at Coro New York, 42 Broadway, Suite 1827-35

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 Applications and program information can be found on our website HERE.